Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Linetype Scales

How to keep your linetype scales constant throughout your drawing irrespective of viewport size and scale.

This is something that bothered me for a long time now and caused much anxiety when trying to utilise model space and paper space properly for complex drawings.
It is sometime needed to produce large masterplans at one scale with inserts of that plan at a different scale on the same drawing or even on a seperate layout tab. The problem I used to have was getting my linestyles to match no matter what my plotted scale was. In the past I have tried to find a happy medium for my scaling to cover all drawings. Well no longer, if you are having the same problem then follow the procedure below;

  1. Construct you drawing as you normally would at 1:1, assign all your linestyles as normal and alter the scaling so that it looks ok in model space.
  2. For test purposes, create two new viewports at 2 completley different scales so that you can see an obvious difference in the linetype scale.
  3. Make sure you are now in paperspace, and type PSLTSCALE, hit enter, type in 1 and hit enter. Type in LTSCALE, hit enter, type in 1 and hit enter.
  4. Double a viewport to activate model space through paperspace and click view from the drop down menu and click regen. This should have changed the way your assigned linetype looks. Repeat this procedure for each viewport you have.

You can now crreate as many viewport as you like on any layout tab at any scale and they will look exactly the same. Remember to regen the drawing in model space through the viewport. If the linetypes are too small or large when printed then to globally change these you can alter the linetype scale as you normally would in model space. This should then change the scaling throught all viewports and layout tabs automatically.

Hope this has been usefull


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